The Lord Companies, L.L.C. began in 1985 as a real estate investment and development firm through the acquisition of commercial and residential properties.
In 1986, the company expanded to the following four core businesses:

Tenant Brokerage:  we represent national, regional, and local tenants and go beyond the standard brokerage services by offering:

  •       In-depth Market Analysis and Research        
  •       Development Expertise
  •       Construction Knowledge and Management
  •       New Concept Strategies and Roll-out Planning
  •       Creative Financial Structuring and Sourcing
  •       Site/Land Development Analysis
  •       City of Chicago Planning, Zoning, and Market Assistance
  •       Wholesale Site Acquisitions

Developer/Landlord Site Brokerage:  we represent large and small companies, REIT’s, banks, and investors. We successfully market properties to national
and local tenants, as well as the qualified brokerage community. We provide clients with:

  •       Creative Marketing Services
  •       Optimal Pricing Strategies
  •       Construction/Build-out Consulting
  •       Market/Demographic Research
  •       Lease Negotiation Strategies
  •       C.A.M. and Tax Consulting
  •       Optimal Site Design Consulting
  •       Condominium Lease Strategies

The Lord Companies Investments: owns and manages commercial and residential properties in the City of Chicago. The company’s extensive nineteen
years experience in property management allows us to further understand the needs of our clients and provide proven strategies to meet those changing needs.

The Lord Companies Consulting: was created in 1988 to meet the needs of a restructuring commercial real estate industry. The company consults on real
estate acquisitions, disposals, developments, investments, asset management and financial restructuring. Our expertise in real estate issues includes tax analysis,
forecasting, reduction strategies, and protesting tax bills. Our clientele includes large banks, Fortune 500 corporations, developers, and private real estate

The Lord Companies Commercial Brokerage represents both tenants and developers and landlords.

In 1994, the partners of The Lord Companies, L.L.C. began providing site design/budgeting and development consulting to developers of new retail and mixed-
use projects. The company now provides this service to many of Chicago’s largest mid-size developers, REIT’s, investors, and institutions.

With nineteen years experience in the fields of tenant representation, site representation, building management, development and consulting, our company brings
superior, unmatched, "value-added" services to our clients.